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CDEIPI RING supplement was renewed for a second year

We are pleased to announce that the CDEIPI RING supplement was renewed for a second year and that all three of the NIH EHE supplements submitted were funded! This is truly amazing, and we grateful to be surrounded by such talent! Each EHE supplement is funded for a 2-year time period. Please join us in congratulating the teams.
Jonathon Karn, Sharon Hillier, Nicolas Sluis-Cremer, Alan Levine, Ann Avery, Jamie Egan and Mackey Freidman


Principal Investigator(s) Title of Proposal Category of Proposal
James Egan, PhD, MPH (Pitt) Using Narrative Medicine to decrease medical mistrust among BMSM and TGW seeking PrEP Syndemic Approaches to HIV Prevention, Treatment or Care
Emily Dauria, PhD, MPH (Pitt)
Laura Mintz, MD, PhD (CWRU)
A Community Engaged Response to Improve HIV Care Cascade Outcomes for Sexual and Gender Minoritized Adults Returning Home from Incarceration Strategies to Improve Linkage to HIV Care and Services Post-Incarceration
Justin Yax, DO, DTMH (CWRU) (Rustbelt Center for AIDS Research (Case/UHC-Pitt CFAR) Creation of a novel Geospatial Information System (GIS)-based Reportable Diseases Mapping Tool (REDMAP) for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to optimize EHE programming Cluster Detection and Response Strategies
Nic Sluis-Cremer, PhD
Alan Levine, PhD
RING (Rustbelt Investigators for the Next Generation) Program NIH-supported CFAR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pathway Initiative (CDEIPI)