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Core C Uganda

Image of Core C Uganda staff gathered around a computer screen in their lab

Uganda Core C is led by Directors Immaculate Nankya of CWRU, Kampala, and Urvi Parikh of Pitt.

See additional photos of our Core C Uganda lab here.

The goal of the Core C is to facilitate scientific exchange and project coordination between CFAR investigators in Uganda, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Core C supports a state-of-the-art laboratory in Uganda headed by Immaculate Nankya PhD through ongoing technology transfer from CWRU and Pitt which enables CWRU and Pitt investigators to use testing and research services in Uganda, thus, avoiding shipping samples to the US for routine or specialized assays. The Uganda lab is a national monitoring laboratory for patients on ART, it is College of American Pathologists (CAP) certified and holds WHO certification for HIV Drug Resistance Surveillance. Ugandan samples will also be shared with Pitt and Case investigators for studies using non-subtype B HIV. Additional research related laboratory services are listed below.

This Uganda laboratory serves as a collaborative facility for local, European and American scientists conducting international research as well as a training and mentoring facility for Ugandan undergraduate and graduate students. Mentorship and training in international research for new investigators in Uganda and in the Rustbelt CFAR will also be provided by Uganda Core C.

Uganda Laboratory Services listing:

HIV Infection Confirmation (Virology Laboratory)

  • Viral load (Panther Hologic, GeneXpert)
  • Immunoassays (EIA, Geenius)


  • Sanger sequencing
  • Somatic mutation analysis
  • The Infinium assay for various genome-wide and targeted genotyping applications
  • Methylation assays

HIV Basic Research

  • EDITS assay (measures inducible HIV-1 infected cells)
  • qPCR for quantifying size of reservoir
  • Intact Proviral DNA Assay (IPDA) for measuring size of the intact proviral reservoir

Rustbelt CFAR Core C is available to help you expand your international research! Interested in utilizing Core C?  Please contact either director Immaculate Nankya or Urvi Parikh or the Core C Research manager Kerri Penrose.