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Core E Viral Pathogenesis & Persistence

Image of Kelley Gordon and Amy Heaps
Kelley Gordon and Amy Heaps

The Viral Pathogenesis and Persistence Core E is led by Directors John “Chip” Tilton of CWRU and John Mellors of Pitt.

Core E aims to support applied research toward an HIV cure by providing accurate quantification of HIV Reservoirs; primary cell models of latent HIV infection; simplified analysis of HIV integration sites; and analysis of individual proviral transcription.  Core E will also support basic research into HIV biology, transmission, and pathogenesis with HIV single genome sequencing (SGS) and high-resolution visualization of HIV transcription.  Applied research to enhance HIV prevention and treatment efforts through quantification of drug-resistant variant frequency for current and new antiretroviral agents in development is also supported by Core E.

See photos of our Core E lab here.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE (but are not limited to)


  • Lentivirus and Lentiviral Vector Production
  • Donor derived virus production
  • Access to the shRNA library DECIPHER project
  • Nanoscale flow cytometry (NFC) training and expertise

HIV Quantification and Characterization

  • Automated Plasma Single Copy Assay (autoSCA)
  • Automated HIV-1 DNA and Cell-Associated HIV-1 RNA
  • Quantitative or Fully Autologous Viral Outgrowth Assay
  • Cell-associated DNA and RNA Single Genome Sequencing (CARD-SGS)
  • Envelope detection by induced transcription-based sequencing (EDITS)
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) including UMI-NGS
  • Viral and proviral sequencing, integration site analyses, and bioinformatics
  • Phenotypic assessment of donor-derived/mutant sequence using reporter cell- lines

Primary Cells

  • Polarized Th17 and microglial models
  • Human Lymphoid Aggregate Culture (HLAC)
  • Polarized Explant Models

Imaging Services

  • DeltaVision Deconvolution Microscope
  • Imaris Bitplane software suite

Interested in utilizing Core E or learning more about how we might be able help with you HIV-1 viral pathogenesis and pathology studies?  Please contact either Director listed above or Core E Research manager Kerri Penrose.

Ready to start a project request?  Project requests can be generated directly through iLAB. 
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