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Core A Administration

Administrative Core A, led by Directors Sharon Hiller of Pitt and Jonathan Karn of CWRU, aims to provide joint leadership and administrative support for the Rustbelt CFAR. Core A will work with CFAR members and the External Advisory Committee to set priorities, allocate budgets and coordinate all activities across the Cores and Scientific Working Groups. 

Core A is also responsible for coordination of a rigorous annual review and scientific planning process and implementation of the plan through enhancement of Core services, recruitment, and stimulation of new research. Emphasis is placed on driving interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration, especially between basic and clinical investigators. 

As improved communication and coordination across the CFAR is vital, a Rustbelt CFAR Community Working Group comprised of representatives of the Community Advisory Groups (CABs) related to HIV research across the University of Pittsburgh and Case Western Reserve University will be facilitated through Core A.  Other key coordinating functions include Regulatory Coordination, the CFAR website and use of the iLab financial control system to facilitate access to Core services. 

Core A also plans to stimulate training and developmental activities throughout the CFAR.