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Core F System Biology & Biostatistics

The Systems Biology Biostatistics Core F is led by Directors Mark Cameron of CWRU and Charles Rinaldo of Pitt 

CFAR Systems Biology & Biostatistics Core Overall services

  • Omic and other highly dimensional approaches in HIV immunology and pathogenesis studies, including assays, analysis and statistics
  • Support functional immunology studies of HIV
  • Bioinformatic and biostatistics support for advanced analysis and data integration
  • Consultation, proposal development, and training in multi-omics, functional immunology, bioinformatics and biostatistics  

Core F Support

RNA/Ab Seq: (10X, Nanostring, BD Rhapsody)
Bulk, low input, sorting/CITE, FFPE
Fresh/fixed single cell, single nuclei, spatial
Sample and library prep
RNA Isolation

Visium spatial sequencing
Pathology consultation to discuss project details. Expert advice on fixation, sample preparation, and Visium workflow, includes pathologist review of slides and blocks
Visium spatial sequencing library prep and QC (no path/histology services included)

Soluble Biomarker Profiling (MSD)
EIA/ELISA multiplex immunoassays

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting (BD Fortessa, FACSymphony)
Standard and full spectral capacity
Up to 50-parameters with 6-way cell sorting capabilities
Expert consultation and training:

  • Experimental design
  • Assay design (staining and acquisition)
  • Antibody panel design
  • Advanced analysis

Cellular Immunology Assays 
ELISpot assays (standard, cultured, single and multiplex)
Cytotoxicity assays and ADCC
Cytokine/chemokine inductions assays
Chemotaxis assays
Viral suppression assays
Standard live cell imaging consultation

Bioinformatics reporting 
Basic work packages include work unit totals for data formatting, data imputation, statistical testing for robustness, contrasts, and differential gene expression.  Advanced unit reporting packages include work unit totals for pathway analysis, network analysis, correlate identification, databasing, and publication support.  

Hypothesis testing
Power analysis
Study monitoring and reporting

If any of the above services are of interest, please contact either of the core directors, Dr. Adam Burgener ( at Case Western, or Project Coordinator Peter Shoucair ( at the University of Pittsburgh.

See the Cameron lab webpage here.

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