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Rustbelt Investigators for the Next Generation (RING) Program Overview

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This program, held between May-September, 2023, provides undergraduate and masters students an outstanding opportunity for HIV/AIDS research training at either Case Western Reserve University or the University of Pittsburgh. The RING program covers all research, travel, and living expenses.

Participants will engage in an intensive 10-week summer program designed to provide hands-on experience in research, together with guidance on how to plan for a research-related career. Students will receive individualized mentoring and participate in weekly seminars, lab meetings, and community events. 

The program serves as a steppingstone for students to advance to PhD or clinical training in HIV/AIDS.

Each trainee will work with a professor who shares similar research interests.


Applications open January 1, 2023, and accepted through May 1, 2023. Admission to the program will be on a rolling basis.

Applicants should send a resume, statement of research interest, and 2 letters of recommendation to either Dr. Alan Levine 
( or Dr. Nicolas Sluis-Cremer (

Questions? Please contact Dr. Sluis-Cremer or Dr. Alan Levine.

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