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Robbie B. Mailliard, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor of Medicine

Rustbelt CFAR Role: University of Pittsburgh CFAR Core F: Systems Biology and Biostatistics Associate Director
Dr. Mailliard is an immunologist with over 20 years of active involvement in the development of immunotherapies covering a wide range of disciplines in both the academic and private sectors of immunology research. His research interests cover basic and translational aspects of human immunology in the setting of chronic diseases including HIV and cancer. His work is focused on the immune crosstalk among human dendritic cells, T cells, and NK cells and exploring their immunotherapeutic potential in controlling and eliminating the latent HIV reservoir. He works closely with Charles Rinaldo, PhD. and his research team as a co-investigator of the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study (MWCCS) and as a senior member of the Pitt Immunology Specialty Laboratory of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). In his leadership role in the Pitt CFAR Core F, Dr. Mailliard offers training and mentoring in basic immune monitoring techniques including flow cytometry, soluble biomarker multi-array analysis, and a wide range of cellular based immunologic assays, and will facilitate user interactions with other experts within the core.


Phone: +1 412-624-3848
University of Pittsburgh
2129 Public Health
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261
United States

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